Live streaming


Elemento is Latvia based event streaming company and provides high quality live streams for conferences, seminars, workshops, board meetings and more. During recent years we have helped numerous organizations to take their events online or make them hybrid. We also managed hundreds online events on popular conferencing platforms such as Zoom and MS Teams.

General video streaming service includes:

  • Real-time editing and live video broadcast to multiple platforms;
  • 2-4 high quality cameras (for wide and close-up shots, for statistic and dynamic shots);
  • Remote presentation integration in the live broadcast (e.g. via Zoom or Teams);
  • Custom backgrounds and overlays, titles, logos, presentations and video clips;
  • Live video embed code for your website;
  • High bit-rate 1920x1080p50 recording of the live video;
  • Summary of viewership statistics after the live broadcast.


Video streaming costs
HoursService1-2 cameras*
/FullHD resolution/
3 – 4 cameras
/FullHD resolution/
2 hoursStreaming100 – 200 EUR150 – 250 EUR
4 hoursStreaming200 – 250 EUR200 – 300 EUR
6 hoursStreaming250 – 300 EUR300 – 400 EUR
8 hoursStreaming300 – 350 EUR400 – 500 EUR

Additional options for the live streaming service:

  • Microphones, mixing console, loudspeakers, local sound mix engineer;
  • Additional lighting for the room or stage;
  • Projection of live edited video stream on local screens;
  • Additional graphic overlays for the broadcast (e.g., audience questions, polling results);
  • Streaming to social networks Facebook, YouTube or CDN of your choice;
  • Streaming to online seminar platforms using Zoom, Teams or Webex;
  • Translation support and bilingual streaming e.g. English / Latvian;
  • Post-event video editing of presentations and/or highlights;
  • Photo services for the event;
  • Live video replay after the event.


  1. Prices may vary depending on the nature of your event and the requirements;
  2. Discounts of 10-20% – for regular or repeated similar events;
  3. For further information please contact elemento.dvd@gmail.com

Video streaming example

Some exmples are available on Elemento YouTube channel